Given the direct language binding, the ontology of SPInDL consists in fact of all the words and expressions defined in the English Language Dictionary having the very same meaning detailed there with the assumption that people understand and relate to these words in order to connect them with everyday concepts that they have in their reality. Additionally to these concepts that exists in the dictionary the ontology of SPInDL will contain the meta types, Concepts & Specifics, and the two meta relations, Divergences & Correlations.

The knowledge, the actual facts that are captured about the concepts that exist in this outside reality, specifics and the connections between them and other subjects, is called a case or a knowledge base.

  • Definition 1, Case
A case is a subjective set of facts, as captured by a particular application at a given point in time.

Implicitly every case will contain the SPInDL ontology, hence every concept from the dictionary and so this will serve as a common system of reference to all applications that are based on SPInDL. The rest of the information captured by a system is considered to be particular to that system.